“You’re Getting Warmer” – Small Steps That Can Lead to Discovering the Right CareerĀ Path

As a child you most likely played a game called “You’re Getting Warmer”. The objective of the game was to have a blindfolded person locate a hidden object or by directing them through clues. As the person got closer to the object the other player(s) would say “You’re Getting Warmer”. If the person moved further away the response was “You’re Getting Colder”.

That game is a useful analogy in thinking about how to find the path to the right career. Most of the clients who come to me for career counseling or coaching are disheartened because they don’t have a clear or passionate idea as to what their next career should be. In fact, very few people are lucky enough to know that. Most of us need to undertake a process of exploration in order to narrow options and help determine the right direction to pursue for a new career. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THAT CAN BE “FIGURED OUT”! Nor is it something that career testing will reveal. What is necessary is to undertake a series of small experiments, each of which will tell you whether you’re “getting warmer” or colder.* Small experiments are relatively easily undertaken and involve little or no risk.

What kind of experiments am I talking about? Here are some examples:

Whatever information you can gather will be of value either in deepening your knowledge or interest or passion or, alternatively, in helping you decide that what you thought might be right for you in fact isn’t. Warmer or colder, you only stand to benefit from the small steps outlined above.

*Keep in mind that, just like in the child’s game, “You’re getting colder” is almost as valuable a lue as “You’re getting warmer.”