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Jim Weinstein, Career Coach in Arlington VA

I’m truly fortunate to love the work that I do – guiding people on how to land a great job, how to accelerate their career advancement, or how to pivot to a more fulfilling career.

As a career coach serving Arlington VA, I attribute my success to a unique combination of skills and experience: a background of multiple successful personal career transitions, an ability to listen and communicate honed both as a psychotherapist and a marketer, 20 years of working with hundreds of clients in every imaginable field, and being blessed with a curiosity and intellect that has enabled me to thrive in environments ranging from Harvard Business School to Jeopardy!, from advertising agencies to start-ups to non-profits.

If you’d like to have a conversation about your particular situation and how I can help, please reach out to me and we’ll set up a time.

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Who Needs Career Coaching in Arlington VA?

There are many reasons for acquiring the services of a career counselor in Arlington VA. Here’s a sample of various questions and situations that challenge my clients.
  • You don’t know what type of work suits you
  • Need help identifying your strengths and interests
  • Want to explore career suggestions
  • Improve your job search skills
  • You want to maximize efficiency in your job search
  • You feel stuck or burned out
  • You question whether you should stay or quit your current job
  • You’re paralyzed due to fear of making a mistake
  • Need a strategy to develop an extensive professional network
  • You want your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile to shine
I’ve helped many clients over the years with all these things and much more.

My Career Counseling Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether it’s to accelerate your career advancement, identify a new career, land a new job, ace an interview, or strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile, my career coaching services will make a noticeable and valuable difference. I’ve helped my clients in the following ways and can help you:

  • Land a great job
  • Successfully transition careers
  • Choose a career based on your strengths and interests
  • Create a sustainable work/life balance
  • Have a great interview
  • Develop an effective networking strategy
  • Improve your job satisfaction
  • Improve your productivity
  • Perfect your resume, LinkedIn & cover letter
  • Gain recognition and advancement

My Career Coaching Services in Arlington VA

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Arlington, VA
I focus on teaching you the best way to introduce yourself so that the interview starts off right, the best questions to ask at the end to leave a strong impression, and how to handle those tricky “tell me about a time….” questions.
Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Arlington, VA
I’ll guide you to increased motivation and self-confidence, reduced anxiety, and more clarity about the areas of life that need attention and how to improve them.
Resume Coaching

Resume Coaching

Arlington, VA
Learn how to craft the story about yourself that will most impress hiring managers and recruiters.
Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching

Arlington, VA
I’ll share with you how to access opportunities before they’re publicly posted, and how to vet them so that you make the right choice.
Professional Networking

Professional Networking

Arlington, VA
This is one of the keys to getting ahead, and I’ll show you how to grow your network and maximize its effectiveness.
Career Transition Counseling

Career Transition Counseling

Arlington, VA
How to narrow down the options for a career pivot, and how best to land the right job in a new career.



In this stage, we ask important questions to discover more about you, such as your strengths, you skills, your likes and dislikes, life goals, and values. We also discuss obstacles that are impeding your progress.



We'll dissect various careers along with their plusses and minuses. We'll implement a proven system that will help you gain the knowledge of these paths and make the best career choice.



Marketing. Once the most promising career choices for you are identified, we'll work to streamline your approach to the job hunt to give you the best possible chance to land the ideal job.

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