Client Reviews

- Shawn Lynott

Working with Jim had a tremendous impact on me. Great career coach.

- Yaser Bishr

Jim is a gifted career coach who brings invaluable personal experience and perspective to any every conversation.  I have worked with Jim for nearly a decade, and his wisdom and insight have helped me not only to become a better team member and colleague, but to navigate the difficult transition to executive leadership.  I highly recommend Jim to anybody who is looking to take their professional standing to the next level.

- Rachel Adcox

I strongly recommend Jim for his career and life coaching. Jim brings wisdom, life experience and guidance with compassion. He brings the rare constellation of executive management experience in business layered with a Psychotherapy license and topped with years of life experiences that has made him a careful listener and a source of intelligent, compassionate guidance tuned to the person and to the person’s unique needs. I’ve known Jim for over 30 years and implicitly trust his judgment and guidance.

- Eric Sanders

I’ve been speaking with Jim for a number of years about my various career moves and anxieties. He has been an incredibly stabilizing presence over the long term as I navigate my complicated career path. Jim combines no-nonsense guidance with a touch of personal empathy that has made him the right choice for me in a counselor and will be for many years to come.

- Andy Oare

With just a few sessions, Jim helped me fine tune my resume and prepare for interviews to successfully make a career transition. His services are well worth the investment.

- Gregg Moore

I have known Jim for ten years. We all have career stuff, whether it’s self-inflicted or termination beyond one’s control. I’ve experienced both. Jim can help you through whatever your circumstances may be. He creates a connection where it’s safe to share what is really going on. This January, I was going through a life transition and needed a job. Jim was straight with me, “Doug, you’re desperate and therefore coming across as arrogant and a know-it-all.” The feedback was honest but kind; I was able to act upon it. My interview manner softened and relaxed. I’m three months into a new role. If you need a new job immediately or if you are contemplating a career change going forward, I’d call Jim.

- Doug Witt

I have known Jim professionally for almost 15 years. His intelligence, experience, and background are all exceptional, which has led me to send numerous patients of mine to him when they are in need of career guidance (I am a Jungian psychoanalyst). The feedback I’ve gotten from them has been uniformly positive – he’s made a real difference in their lives.

- Robert Sheavly

Jim is a trusted and effective advisor who helps you develop the skills, insights, connections and tools you need to be successful in all aspects of your life. Jim’s committed to helping you achieve your goals with no-nonsense guidance and a compassionate style. Working with him puts you on the fast track to meeting and exceeding your goals.

- Margot Lester

I have had the pleasure working with Jim for the past 6 years. I say “working with” as this has been an extremely successful collaborative process. I approached Jim as I was struggling with working through a rough patch in my professional career. What I wanted was a tactical fix, which I learned would not stand the test of time. Jim was wise enough to find out who I am and only then did I find out who I am. Knowing who I was is the key to getting through this. Jim was tough when he need to be and less so when I was struggling. Which btw is perfect for my personality. The key to my success is that I needed to learn about myself, where I was (personally, professionally, physically, mentally, spiritually), and where I wanted (maybe needed) to be. Only then would I find the professional niche that will satisfy my needs. I was caught in the professional abyss- thinking my professional achievements would satisfy my personal needs – I had it backwards. Jim was extremely deft in walking me through this process and getting me to “a good place”. As I opened this message, I said I have been working w/ Jim for 6 years. Getting me through my struggles took 2 years, since then we continue to work together as I also learned through his counsel that this is a continuous process and occasionally I will stray. I cannot tell you how many times he contacted me out of the blue and asked me how things are, right when I needed it. I do not know if that is serendipity or professional knowhow but it is truly amazing how he manages me. I know my balance today is a result of his extremely personalized, exact, considerate, insightful, counsel.

- K.D.

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