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I had the privilege of receiving career consulting from Jim before my big move to California, and it’s no exaggeration to say that his guidance was a turning point in my professional journey. His approach is both thoughtful and insightful. Thanks to him, I clearly understood what I wanted in my career and confidently worked towards it. Now, I run my own Content Marketing & Podcasting agency in Orange County. I’ve always dreamed of starting this company, and with Jim’s help, I was able to take the necessary steps to make it happen.

- Sam

I started a small business a couple of years ago and encountered some trouble getting it off the ground as rapidly as I’d hoped. I recently contacted Jim for guidance and he provided me with some really valuable insights on how to grow my business. What’s more Jim listened to me with compassionate understanding, and jump started my motivation. i highly recommend him!

- Chris Albright

Jim is a huge help and I highly recommend his services. He has a lot career experience, and he understands what employers are looking for. He offers a variety of helpful services. My life is much better after working with Jim, and I was able to get the job I really wanted. Contact Jim if you are looking to transition to your next role, find your dream job, or improve your interviewing skills.

- David Molina

Jim’s career counseling expertise has had a demonstrable, positive impact in my professional and personal life. Most importantly, Jim has offered me usable tools that have improved the quality of my life, as well as given me a more meaningful career outlook. For example, Jim has helped me set professional boundaries and given me tools to navigate the C-suite in ways that actually make me happier at work on a day-to-day basis and have earned me professional accolades. He really is a “Business Buddha” as well as a great counselor.

- S. Martinez

Jim has great ideas and resources that can help you find a job or move your career in a new direction. He knows a lot about making the right presentation on your résumé, in an interview, or when asking for a raise. His advice increased my earning power and led to a more fulfilling role on at least 2 occasions. Reaching out to him is a great investment, I can’t recommend him enough

- Shawn Lynott

Working with Jim had a tremendous impact on me. Great career coach.

- Yaser Bishr

Jim is a gifted career coach who brings invaluable personal experience and perspective to any every conversation.  I have worked with Jim for nearly a decade, and his wisdom and insight have helped me not only to become a better team member and colleague, but to navigate the difficult transition to executive leadership.  I highly recommend Jim to anybody who is looking to take their professional standing to the next level.

- Rachel Adcox

I strongly recommend Jim for his career and life coaching. Jim brings wisdom, life experience and guidance with compassion. He brings the rare constellation of executive management experience in business layered with a Psychotherapy license and topped with years of life experiences that has made him a careful listener and a source of intelligent, compassionate guidance tuned to the person and to the person’s unique needs. I’ve known Jim for over 30 years and implicitly trust his judgment and guidance.

- Eric Sanders

I’ve been speaking with Jim for a number of years about my various career moves and anxieties. He has been an incredibly stabilizing presence over the long term as I navigate my complicated career path. Jim combines no-nonsense guidance with a touch of personal empathy that has made him the right choice for me in a counselor and will be for many years to come.

- Andy Oare

With just a few sessions, Jim helped me fine tune my resume and prepare for interviews to successfully make a career transition. His services are well worth the investment.

- Gregg Moore

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