Career Counseling Reviews and Testimonials

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Jim Weinstein’s coaching has given me the confidence and tools to become one of the most successful professionals in my industry while never losing sight of my personal well being/happiness.” A.C., CA.

I contacted Jim after spending over a year fruitlessly interviewing for jobs which I felt eminently qualified for. With his help I rewrote my resume, refined my search parameters, and polished up my interviewing technique. Six months later I find myself in a very lucrative and fulfilling job that I’m sure I never would have landed without Jim’s guidance.” S.P., DC.

Jim is a wonderful coach with a real knack for helping his clients develop skills and tools they need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives. I’ve worked with him in Beverly Hills and Washington, D.C., because I haven’t found anyone else around who’s so keenly focused on assisting me in getting the results I want. Jim Weinstein is worth every penny!” M.L., NC.

After a 12-year corporate career, I was fortunate enough to work with Jim as I transitioned to a very different path. I am now a successful small business owner in New England. Jim was able to help me realize that, as clichéd as it may sound, I can do pretty much anything I want to. His wisdom and intelligence not only provided the support to move into a non-traditional career, but also helped me to grow in my personal relationships. Jim’s clients benefit from his amazing ability to identify, analyze, and synthesize issues into a coherent picture of the future that is both inspiring and energizing.” R.O., VT.

Jim’s unique experiences, training and gifts mean that he can address both the personal and professional challenges in your life. I thought I needed a whole new approach with my job search and my definition of career success. Jim rather saw I needed fine-tuning and constructed a process that yielded immediate, concrete success -a job where I apply my interests and talents daily. I continue to rely on his wise counsel, and wholeheartedly recommend him.” W. F., DC.

In our sessions together, Jim helped me gain a lot of insight into my relationships with the various people in my life: family, friends and professional colleagues. Jim’s previous experience in the business world was of great help in guiding me through some important decisions I faced in my own career, and our ongoing work together made an important contribution to my company’s success. Jim encouraged and challenged me, often with a great sense of humor, which made the learning process more enjoyable. The decision-making tools that I learned in those sessions are still useful in my life today.” H.K., CO.

I went to Jim because I had a series of life & career choices in front me. He helped me to focus on the important things, eliminate the extraneous and identify my path. His services were invaluable.” M.F., DC.

Jim’s insight and patient guidance gave me the tools to be proactive and confident in both my personal and professional life. I had almost given up on my writing career when I first started seeing Jim. Now it is thriving and satisfying. I’m also in a wonderful relationship after being single for 12 years. I credit Jim with guiding me through the most difficult times in my life. He was both gentle and prodding when he needed to be. Compassionate and wise. Always encouraging me to reach my full potential. I can’t recommend his services enough!” J.B., CA.

I’ve known Jim Weinstein for 30 years. As a life consultant, Jim has been an invaluable source of support. I’ve worked with him during three key periods in my life: first in mapping out a plan for my career in advertising; second in making the decision to take a sabbatical in my late 40’s to do graduate work at Harvard; and currently, as I complete my dissertation, in thinking about the focus of my ‘second career’ in the non profit sector. To me, Jim’s great strength lies in listening carefully and then asking the key questions that provoke new insights for me. I inevitably have an ‘ah ha!’ experience when I meet with him. I return to our conversations often and continue draw on them as I move forward.” A.M., DC.

After the unexpected loss of my dad, combined with the loss of my job I went to see Jim. For the next 3 years, Jim’s level of expertise and professionalism was able help me overcome my emotional pain, and build my confidence. Jim showed me the right tools to focus on my personal development and revamp my professional career. I have no doubt that Jim can bring you great results whatever your current challenges may be.” H.S., CA.

Simply put, Jim is a really terrific therapist. He was very creative in addressing the problems I brought to him and made both a big immediate difference in my life and and even bigger impact as we worked through things over a longer term. One thing I really appreciated was his focus on helping me find long-term, sustainable solutions rather than looking for quick fixes. He’s also incredibly kind, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in his clients/patients. I can’t recommend Jim highly enough.” T.A., CA.

Jim is a superb career coach and therapist. He listens when you need to be listened to. You will feel assured that he ‘gets you’. He provides responsive, insightful and honest counsel that you need in a way that you will hear and accept it. Above all, he is deeply committed to helping you pursue your personal and professional life in a healthy, productive way.” D.J., OR.

Following a traumatic ‘downsizing’, I have worked with Jim to get my career and life back on track. I can’t imagine that anyone could have done a better job! Jim’s unique background as a successful businessman, non-profit executive, and now life consultant/therapist gives him perspective that is truly helpful in negotiating today’s difficult job market. He is the ideal combination of compassionate, smart and tough. When I need kind encouragement–he is there for me, when I need someone to look me in the eye and tell me when I’m off track–he is not afraid to give me a stern ‘reality check’. When I need help with creative, out-of-the-box solutions to complex problems I’ve encountered–he offers suggestions I would have never thought of, or gives me the tools to come up with them on my own. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him. His commitment to his clients goes above and beyond. I could not recommend anyone more highly.” J.K., DC.

​I have had the pleasure of working with Jim periodically over the past 12 years. Most recently Jim helped me through a particularly challenging career move. Change can be frightening but Jim approaches the work from such a positive and empowering place that he enables you to see life’s infinite possibilities. Not only is Jim an incredibly effective coach but he is also a genuinely wonderful person.” J.L., CA.