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I came out of an extremely toxic job, so when it was time to look for another position I wasn’t quite sure where to begin or if I was good enough. My confidence was shot low and I needed guidance on what to do next – that’s when I reached out to Jim. While we only met for a short time period, his guidance was extremely helpful and it was comforting to have an ally in this process. In our sessions, I regained my professional confidence and ultimately secured a position that I am extremely excited to begin. If you’re at crossroads or simply need career counseling – Jim’s the guy to have in your corner.

- Loren Redman

I have been fortunate enough to work with Jim on clearly defining my career goals and creating a pragmatic plan towards achieving them.  Jim provided uniquely tailored support, solution based strategies, and a collaborative approach towards improving my leadership skills.  Jim’s insight and experience provided invaluable perspectives on my career challenges and aspirations; leading to well-constructed and actionable steps to achieve my goals.  During my time working with Jim, I experienced growth in both my professional and personal life, leading to a promotion and expansion of my network.  I highly recommend Jim, as he and his services are superb.

- Derrick Cane

Jim Weinstein is beyond a Career Counselor and Life Coach. Jim is an advocate, a motivator, and an amazing resource in your journey to improve your career and ultimately your life. Jim did more for me than I can explain in a brief review. Covid has made changing careers or returning to a former career very difficult, and that is exactly what I was trying to do. Jim got to work immediately, and we implemented his system. When I was in need of guidance, I had Jim. When I was getting frustrated, Jim was able to pick me up and push me forward. Jim never wavered in his support for me or in the system. He was always positive and his support is what allowed me to succeed. In the end, I ended up in the exact position I was looking for. On top of that, I had built a valuable framework of contacts that puts me ahead of the curve as I move into my new job. I cannot overstate how much I recommend working with Jim Weinstein if you are looking to better yourself and your career.

- Quinn Hunsinger

I’ve introduced Jim to many colleagues and friends – from recent college graduates to CEOs. In every instance, he’s offered sage advice, solid direction, compassionate support leading to superb results.

- Alex Orfinger

I might be Jim’s shortest success story (kidding of course) as I only needed 3 sessions with him. I leveraged Jim throughout my interview process and finally for a rigorous final mock sales presentation for a fast growing SaaS company. Throughout the process Jim leveraged his humor, experience, and patience as we navigated the final hurdles together. I can’t recommend Jim enough to anyone out there looking for a career change, coaching, or just overall guidance.

- Eddie Webb

When I found myself at a crossroads both personally and professionally, I realized I needed someone to work with that had the expertise of a psychologist paired with business savy. This was a tall order. Jim turned out to be a perfect fit. I was over thinking my options and making things far more difficult and painful as I moved through a very important career transition. Jim’s simple challenges gave me permission to experiment with ideas I had been toying with for years. That structure and seasoned guidance was just what I needed to jump in and start my own business. I’m happy to report – I haven’t looked back since – though I have enjoyed continued coaching sessions with Jim as I face the new challenges that come with a growing business and balancing priorities. I highly recommend him for his focused direction, compassion and real world experience. He is clear, efficient and easy to work with.

- Lisa Wise

I decided to meet with Jim when I was contemplating making a big career change. I found my meetings with him to be supportive, helpful and constructive. Throughout the process he challenged me and helped me see what I could not see before. I was lost and scared in my previous job and Jim helped me by walking me through the process of change. His advice was pragmatic and realistic, serving as a catalyst for attainable change.  With Jim’s coaching, I identified my passions and talents and created a plan to open my own business, which I am currently successfully running and growing.  Jim is a great coach and I highly recommend him.

- Michael Lillianthal

Jim in FABULOUS! I have been going to Jim for interview preparations and practice since I struggle with interviewing. He is thoughtful and very skilled at providing you with constructive feedback and guidance. Since going to Jim I have received amazing feedback about my interviews and it can be clearly attributed to his coaching and support. I highly recommend him if you need help preparing for an interview or career advice.

- Mary Hyde

Jim is a talented professional, insightful thinker, and experienced business person. His counsel has been invaluable to me at different stages of my career, and especially when I’ve needed to navigate tough transitions. Jim has helped me to better understand and appreciate my strengths as a leader and manager, identify areas of improvement, and to come up with practical and actionable steps to optimize the former and tackle the latter. Above all, he’s caring, warm, funny, and super smart. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

- Jannine Versi

After a 12-year corporate career, I was fortunate enough to work with Jim as I transitioned to a very different path. I am now a successful small business owner in New England. Jim was able to help me realize that, as clichéd as it may sound, I can do pretty much anything I want to. His wisdom and intelligence not only provided the support to move into a non-traditional career, but also helped me to grow in my personal relationships. Jim’s clients benefit from his amazing ability to identify, analyze, and synthesize issues into a coherent picture of the future that is both inspiring and energizing.

- Rick Otto

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