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I’ve learned that the most effective technique to combat interview anxiety is interview coaching and practice. Formulating a compelling overall narrative, a list of key talking points and rehearsing them with me will maximize your chance of conducting a successful interview and landing the job you’re going for.

Mock Interview

To get a sense of where we need to focus I’ll take you through a mock interview right at the start. That way I can identify the areas with the greatest need for improvement and concentrate on them.

How to Open & Close

How you answer the first question will set the tone for the entire interview, and how you wrap it up will determine the interviewer’s takeaway. My tips on these two sections will strengthen your impact - guaranteed.

Best Answers to Common Questions

“Tell Me about a Time that You….:” “Where Do You See Yourself in….;” “What IS Your Biggest Career Achievement; “Greatest Weakness.” I’ll guide you to the optimal way to answer these, and more.

Analysis of Performance

What is your body language communicating? Are you speaking too fast? How often are you saying “uh” or “like”? I’ll identify these issues and show you how to address them with actionable tips.

Reducing Your Anxiety

Just about everyone gets nervous before an interview, which is almost sure to detract from your performance. As a therapist I know the best tech issues to help you calm down and come across best.

How to Set Yourself Apart

You need to go beyond convincing the interviewer that you’re qualified. I’l show you how to communicate that you are aiming not just to get the job but to deliver superior results.

What to Expect from Interview Coaching Services

Almost everybody can benefit from interview coaching. Even the most polished, professional, and prepared candidates invariably pick up really valuable tips in an interview coaching session with me. In the super competitive Washington job market, one little tweak in how you come across can make the difference between landing the job and losing out to a competitor for the role.

It’s essential to communicate that you’re passionate about the job, someone who’s well-qualified, and, most importantly, someone who’s going to hit the ground running and make an impact. And to do that in the first few minutes which sets the tone for the entire interview.

I will show you how.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do at the beginning:

Very often the first question that an employer will ask in a job interview is: So, can you tell me about yourself? (or words to that effect). The way that this question is answered sets the tone for the entire interview. Unfortunately, many inexperienced interviewees answer in such a way that puts them immediately out of contention. They essentially just recite the information contained in their resumes, with which the interviewer is already familiar. That may suggest that they have some combination of timidness, lack of imagination, or cluelessness.

How should you answer? For a summary, please read “How to Have a Knock-It-out-of-the-Park Interview“.

I’ll also coach you on how to answer a wide range of “behavioral” questions (e.g. “Can you tell me about a time you had a conflict with a colleague and how you resolved?”), and such tricky subjects as “Your Greatest Weakness.”

I look forward to working with you on clinching the job offer by maximizing the impact of your interviews.

Why Choose Me

As Your Interview Coach

As your coach, I bring to the table an unparalleled combination of wisdom, experience, empathy, and insight. That’s what’s enabled me to help many hundreds of clients achieve a level of career success that eluded them before we began working together. With my extensive background in marketing I particularly excel in persuasive communication, which is what successful interviewing is all about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Normally, sessions are 50 minutes long, although arrangements can be made for longer sessions.

The answer to that question depends entirely on the issue(s) you are seeking to resolve. If you’re coming in for something fairly straightforward, such as networking or interviewing coaching, or to improve your resume/LinkedIn profile/cover letter, you’ll probably need to meet with me once or twice. If you’re looking to tackle a more complex issue (e.g. if you’re dissatisfied with your current career but don’t know what alternatives would make sense, and/or if there is a significant emotional block like low self-confidence or debilitating anxiety) we’re probably looking at somewhere between four and eight sessions. After a preliminary conversation with you I’ll be able to give you a reasonable estimate.

It’s one of my particular specialties. The key to a successful interview is to be laser-focused on emphasizing how you meet your prospective employer’s needs and the value you will bring to the organization.

For the foreseeable future I am only conducting sessions virtually (FaceTime, WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, or phone). I have found virtual sessions to be just as effective as in-person, in addition to being more convenient for both my clients and me. I can schedule sessions just about any time between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. weekdays, and even on weekends if necessary.

My rate per 50 minute session ranges from $250 to $450. The rate varies according to the complexity of the issue(s) we will be working on, and your ability to pay.

If, after our initial meeting we determine that multiple sessions make sense, I will be happy to discuss a package with a reduced per-session fee.

If you are eligible for insurance reimbursement (i.e. if our work together involves a significant emotional or psychological component, and if you have out-of-network mental health benefits), I will be happy to provide you with the documentation necessary for reimbursement. Unfortunately I will not be able to determine whether you have coverage as there are hundreds of types of plans offered by insurance carriers; you will need to contact your carrier or HR department to determine whether your plan provides coverage for my services.

Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, check or cash.

The primary tasks in our first session will be:

Agree to a goal (s) for our work together.
Get to know each other so as to ensure that we’re a good “fit” (it’s very rare that the fit isn’t good).
Agree to next steps that will begin to move the ball forward. I believe that every session should include assignments that will result in progress towards our agreed-upon goals.


I have had 4 successful careers – as advertising executive, psychotherapist, non-profit president and career counselor, so I know the challenges inherent in launching and thriving in different jobs. And having built fulfilling lives in 3 vastly different cities- NY LA and DC – gives me valuable additional perspective. Plus having coached many hundreds of clients in just about every conceivable field and through all kinds of challenges I have an unmatched breadth of career knowledge and insight.

Insight – my training as a therapist allows me to better under my clients and helps me provide them with superior guidance. Tone of voice, facial expression, body language, the stories you use to illuminate your history and the way you express yourself – confidently, tentatively, modestly, with an edge – all help me understand you and allow me to tailor our conversations and the homework I usually give so that they achieve maximum impact.

Creativity- I thrived in advertising, a career in which creativity is the most important attribute. It’s one I cherish .Helping my clients think in new ways, see new patterns, and identify opportunities that are sometimes unorthodox are skills that have repeatedly borne fruit.

Intelligence – it’s uncool to boast but as a Phi Beta Kappa, Harvard graduate and Jeopardy winner I think my background speaks for itself.

Curiosity- I’m interested in a huge range of topics ( that really helps on Jeopardy!$ I’ve been to all 50 states and over 80 countries. I speak 5 languages. And what drew me to psychotherapy and career work was the chance to hear the stories and share the experiences and the world view of an astounding variety of people. I love learning about them and coming to understand them.

Achievement orientation ~ I’ve always been motivated by getting results., whether grades, honors, fluency, mastery, or concrete contributions to others. Providing specific, actionable guidance to Help my clients find greater satisfaction in their lives is more than a job – for me it’s a joyous endeavor.

“I will coach you on the techniques you need to do it beautifully.”


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