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I’ve learned that the most effective technique to combat interview anxiety is interview coaching and practice. Formulating a compelling overall narrative, a list of key talking points and rehearsing them with me will maximize your chance of conducting a successful interview and landing the job you’re going for.

What to Expect from Interview Coaching Services

Almost everybody can benefit from interview coaching. Even the most polished, professional, and prepared candidates invariably pick up really valuable tips in an interview coaching session with me. In the super competitive Washington job market, one little tweak in how you come across can make the difference between landing the job and losing out to a competitor for the role.

It’s essential to communicate that you’re passionate about the job, someone who’s well-qualified, and, most importantly, someone who’s going to hit the ground running and make an impact. And to do that in the first few minutes which sets the tone for the entire interview.

I will show you how.

Here’s an example of what NOT to do at the beginning:

Very often the first question that an employer will ask in a job interview is: So, can tell me about yourself? (or words to that effect). The way that this question is answered sets the tone for the entire interview. Unfortunately, many inexperienced interviewees answer in such a way that puts them immediately out of contention. They essentially just recite the information contained in their resumes, with which the interviewer is already familiar. That may suggest that they have some combination of timidness, lack of imagination, or cluelessness.

How should you answer? For a summary, please read “How to Have a Knock-It-out-of-the-Park Interview“.

I’ll also coach you on how to answer a wide range of “behavioral” questions (e.g. “Can you tell me about a time you had a conflict with a colleague and how you resolved?”), and such tricky subjects as “Your Greatest Weakness.”

I look forward to working with you on clinching the job offer buy maximizing the impact of your interviews.

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I’ve helped clients from all over the greater D.C. area land their dream jobs and make successful career transitions. I’ve also taken on clients from across the United States and world in a virtual setting. In Washington, I counsel clients at my Dupont Circle office and at my home office in Alexandria, although due to COVID I am only conducting virtual sessions presently.

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