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Keep Your Advice to Yourself

I don’t have a lot of rules that I apply across-the-board. But “Keep your advice to yourself” (unless directly asked for it) is one of them. Why? I have come to know, through my work with many, many different people over the years, that we are all unique in so many respects – our inherited […]

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The Power of Shoe Shifting

No, shoe shifting isn’t about selecting a different pair of footwear for your night on the town. It’s about the immeasurably valuable skill of being able to observe a situation from another’s perspective, detached at least to some degree from one’s own rational and emotional constructs. It’s a skill of particular value in a wide […]

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Control What You Can – Start with Yourself

An article in last week’s New York Times reported on a focus group of independent voters who saw, in politics, in the media, and in business symptoms of a larger societal ailment. They cited the breakdown of civil society: the disappearance of common courtesy, the relentless stream of data from digital devices, the proliferation of […]

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