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Jim Weinstein, Career Coach in Silver Spring MD

If you’re looking for a career coach in Silver Spring MD who can provide the ideal combination of wisdom, experience, and empathy, please reach out to me. I’ve helped many hundreds of clients with the full range of career issues – including accelerating career advancement, identifying alternative careers, resolving interpersonal problems at work, building self confidence, resume preparation, perfecting interview skills, landing a new job… and the list goes on. My background as a Harvard MBA, advertising super star, non-profit executive, and psychotherapist allows me to provide a level of truly effective coaching that is exceptional.

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Who Needs Career Coaching in Silver Spring MD?

There are many reasons for acquiring the services of a career counselor in Silver Spring MD. Here’s a sample of various questions and situations that challenge my clients.
  • You don’t know what type of work suits you
  • Need help identifying your strengths and interests
  • Want to explore career suggestions
  • Improve your job search skills
  • You want to maximize efficiency in your job search
  • You feel stuck or burned out
  • You question whether you should stay or quit your current job
  • You’re paralyzed due to fear of making a mistake
  • Need a strategy to develop an extensive professional network
  • You want your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile to shine
I’ve helped many clients over the years with all these things and much more.

My Career Counseling Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether it’s to accelerate your career advancement, identify a new career, land a new job, ace an interview or strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile, I’ll make a noticeable and valuable difference.

  • Land a great job
  • Successfully transition Careers
  • Choose a career based on your strengths and interests
  • Create a sustainable work/life balance
  • Have a great interview
  • Develop an effective networking strategy
  • Improve your job satisfaction
  • Improve your productivity
  • Perfect your resume, linkedin & cover letter
  • Gain recognition and advancement

My Career Coaching Services in Silver Spring MD

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Silver Spring, MD
How to construct the ideal opening and closing of an interview that will highlight the value you bring to the table plus the best way to answer a host of tricky questions.
Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Silver Spring, MD
Whether how to improve your confidence, communicate more effectively, improve difficult relationships, or set and reach achievable goals, I will provide the guidance and accountability to get you there.
Resume Coaching

Resume Coaching

Silver Spring, MD
I’ll show you how to sell yourself in a resume, including the best way to language responsibilities, transferable skills, and ( most importantly ) accomplishments.
Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching

Silver Spring, MD
If you’re having trouble finding the right job my guidance will significantly enhance your ability to find and then land the jobs that are most likely to lead to success and satisfaction.
Professional Networking

Professional Networking

Silver Spring, MD
This is a skill that eludes the majority of people, but which is an absolutely essential tool to move you ahead no matter what career you’re in, or want to pursue.
Career Transition Counseling

Career Transition Counseling

Silver Spring, MD
I will help you identify the kinds of work that will bring you increased engagement and fulfillment, and how get a job that has those right components.

My 3-Stage Process:

Stage One



Self awareness. What are your strengths, your skills, your likes and dislikes, your values, your life goals? The answers to these questions will enable us to identify the most promising paths to explore. In this stage I will also identify and help you overcome any major obstacles to progress such as low self-confidence, discouragement, or procrastination.

Stage Two



I will educate you on the pluses and minuses of various careers and craft a very specific program to enable you to gain the knowledge of these paths that is essential to making the best career choice.

Stage Three



Marketing. Once having identified the most promising career choices, as a marketing expert I will work with you to ensure that your approach and job hunting materials are first rate.

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