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Are you unmotivated by or dissatisfied with your career and looking for a change, but don’t know what would make the most sense? Perhaps you need help with enhancing your resume, improving your networking skills, or learning effective interviewing techniques. Maybe you’re hoping for a raise or a promotion, but a low level of confidence is standing in the way of advancement. No matter your situation, I know I can help.

The wisdom and experience I have to offer is unmatched, thanks to the success I’ve achieved in 4 different careers – as an advertising executive with 3 of America’s top agencies, as the leader of a nationally acclaimed non-profit, as a long-time licensed psychotherapist, and as a career counselor and life coach. This is why I’ve received a plethora of positive reviews from dozens of clients – more than anyone else in the area.

I invite you to look through my website and then reach out for a free 15 minute chat where I can answer any questions you might have. I look forward to talking and working together with you to help you achieve the success you’re looking for – and that you deserve.

“Asking Jim Weinstein to help me navigate my career path was the best decision I could make in my life. Jim was instrumental in helping me envision a complete change in careers – something I wish I had done years ago, but now have the courage and clarity to pursue.”

-Alex L.

Career Counseling Services in Silver Spring MD with Career Coach, Jim Weinstein, can help you...

  • Discover a rewarding career
  • Improve your job satisfaction
  • Perfect your resume and cover letter
  • Land a great job
  • Transition careers
  • Effectively network
  • Create a sustainable work/life balance
  • Advance at your job
  • Get unstuck and gain confidence
  • Have a great interview
  • Leverage LinkedIn
  • Improve your productivity

Find The Right Career

So many people follow career paths that leave them unhappy or dissatisfied. To find a career you’ll love, you need to understand yourself and explore career paths that resonate. With so many different factors at play and so many options available, it can be difficult to find where you fit in. Career guidance and counseling can help you clearly determine the correct career path for you. Are you looking for opportunities in the best places? Are you being clear with yourself about what you want out of a career? Should you change jobs? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, you should contact me. I have undergone major career shifts and significant life transitions with success, and can guide you in your career path with career counseling in Silver Spring, MD.

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Perfect Your Profile

The way that you present who you are is a critical component of career success. You need a resume and a LinkedIn profile that are contemporary, appealing, concise, and impactful, and that emphasize your achievements rather than just your job titles and the activities you engage in. Even if you’re lacking a strong history of achievements, the proper wording can increase the impression that you have achieved good results in your career. As for LinkedIn, some of my clients have told me they don’t use it because they’re “not into social media.” That’s a serious missed opportunity. LinkedIn isn’t so much a social media platform as it is an invaluable business tool that helps individuals to network across a wide variety of industries. You can use LinkedIn to talk with people about the advantages and disadvantages of career paths and organizations, as well as to identify job opportunities before they’re publicly posted.


Get Ahead Faster

Are you stuck feeling like you can’t advance at your current job? Do you lack a sense of motivation and excitement that you once had for your profession? Maybe things at work are going well, but you need coaching on how to advance in your career. Do you feel that you deserve a raise, but get nervous about the prospect of approaching your boss? Is it unclear what your next professional development move should be? Have you become too comfortable in your job? If this describes your current situation, career counseling can help. I have helped hundreds of people in a wide variety of industries and professions to increase their job satisfaction, improve their compensation, and develop the confidence and clarity they need to advance in their career. Give me a call!

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Nail The Interview

At Harvard Business School and In my career, I was able to reach the top of the advertising industry, and developed the marketing know-how needed to understand exactly how to message and persuade. And that’s what effective interviewing is all about: convincing the people interviewing you that you fit the bill. Are you looking for a job in Silver Spring, MD or in the graeter Washington DC? In this competitive job market, you need interview coaching to put you ahead of the competition. I can help you market your experiences and overall character in a manner that will impress any hiring manager, supervisor, or CEO. Contact me for interview coaching services in Silver Spring, MD. With the help of interview coaching, even a shy and inexperienced professional can develop the confidence needed to conduct an outstanding interview.

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