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I’m proud to be among the best-reviewed and most experienced career coaches serving Bethesda MD. If you’re looking for guidance on advancing your career, finding the right job, handling difficult work environments, preparing for job interviews, improving how you present yourself in your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, or a host of other issues, you’ve come to the right place. What gives me the ability to provide superior results is my multi-faceted background (with success as a marketer, non-profit executive, psychotherapist and coach) and my involvement in guiding the career paths of many hundreds of clients in a wide array of fields. Please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to arrange a preliminary conversation with you to explain how I’ll help you identify, motivate, and guide you towards achieving the goals that will make a real difference in your life.

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Who Needs Career Coaching in Bethesda MD?

There are many reasons for acquiring the services of a career counselor. Here’s a sample of various questions and situations that challenge my clients.
  • You don’t know what type of work suits you
  • Need help identifying your strengths and interests
  • Want to explore career suggestions
  • Improve your job search skills
  • You want to maximize efficiency in your job search
  • You feel stuck or burned out
  • You question whether you should stay or quit your current job
  • You’re paralyzed due to fear of making a mistake
  • Need a strategy to develop an extensive professional network
  • You want your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile to shine
I’ve helped many clients over the years with all these things and much more.

My Career Counseling Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Whether it’s to accelerate your career advancement, identify a new career, land a new job, ace an interview, or strengthen your resume and LinkedIn profile, my career coaching services will make a noticeable and valuable difference. I’ve helped my clients:

  • Land a great job
  • Successfully transition Careers
  • Choose a career based on your strength and interests
  • Create a sustainable work/life balance
  • Have a great interview
  • Develop an effective networking strategy
  • Improve your job satisfaction
  • Improve your productivity
  • Perfect your resume, LinkedIn pofile, & cover letter
  • Gain recognition and advancement in your profession

My Career Coaching Services

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Bethesda, MD
In many ways a job interview is like a sales presentation: your aim is to sway the interviewer that you possess the ideal qualities to excel in the role. Drawing upon my extensive experience in advertising and marketing spanning decades, I am poised to help you formulate compelling responses to all kinds of interview questions, enabling you to distinguish yourself prominently from the competition and get the offer.
Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Bethesda, MD
My life coaching addresses a diverse spectrum of concerns, encapsulating a wide array of subjects. Leveraging my multifaceted background and my extensive experience in aiding individuals in navigating through emotional obstacles, career crossroads, relationship intricacies, and even complex blends of these challenges, I know I can furnish you with invaluable insights. The collaborative journey we will embark on starts with delving into your strengths and interests, and then pinpointing the most effective strategies for nurturing and channeling your them towards achieving mutually agreed upon goals.
Resume Coaching

Resume Coaching

Bethesda, MD
I will review all elements of your resume and cover letter to ensure that they are presenting you in an optimal way. That means evaluating not just the way in which you describe your background, but the visual impression of the resume as well. I will show you how to language your work history so as to showcase your impact, and not just your responsibilities. Importantly, I will also demonstrate how to tailor your resume to each job opportunity you are pursuing. Finally, I will review and strengthen your LinkedIn profile, an essential component of your positioning in the job market.
Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching

Bethesda, MD
Too many people limit their job searches to periodically checking sites like Indeed and LinkedIn to find advertised openings and apply to them. Unfortunately his is a flawed strategy. Many posted jobs aren’t in fact available, as they have already been earmarked for internal candidates but are posted to fulfill legal or HR requirements. Also, a large proportion of jobs never get posted, and are filled through referrals from employees. I will show you how to access the kinds of people who can open the door to opportunities of which only they are aware, plus guide you on traditional best practices for pursuing jobs.
Professional Networking

Professional Networking

Bethesda, MD
Building strong personal relationships is an essential component of career success. While the economic system in which we operate is in part a meritocracy, it is also a system in which who you know, and the strengths of your relationships, can give you a significant edge. On a very practical level, If you’ve encountered a lack of success in landing a job there’s a good possibility that you aren’t doing enough networking. I will make the sometimes intimidating task of networking a lot easier for you by explaining to you just how and when to reach out and alleviating your anxieties.
Career Transition Counseling

Career Transition Counseling

Bethesda, MD
You’ll want to find a new professional track if you’ve burned out or aren’t succeeding in your current career. The process of identifying appropriate career candidates to consider, from both an interest and qualifications standpoint, is daunting. I’ve helped hundreds of people through the process, utilizing a combination of my own expertise, input from other knowledgeable professionals with intimate insights into key components of career paths and success, and exercises that can help pin down the things you find most engaging and energizing.

My 3-Stage Process:

Stage One



Self awareness. What are your strengths, your skills, your likes and dislikes, your values, your life goals? The answers to these questions will enable us to identify the most promising paths to explore. In this stage I will also identify and help you overcome any major obstacles to progress such as low self-confidence, discouragement, or procrastination.

Stage Two



I will educate you on the pluses and minuses of various careers and craft a very specific program to enable you to gain the knowledge of these paths that is essential to making the best career choice.

Stage Three



Marketing. Once having identified the most promising career choices, as a marketing expert I will work with you to ensure that your approach and job hunting materials are first rate.

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