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It was a pleasure working with Jim. His open-minded approach to exploring possibilities helped me see things I hadn’t considered and created greater self-belief and financial reward. I am on track to doubling my income this year. His counsel on managing work and home-life have been of immense value.

- Mark Lewis

Downsized and uncertain at 62, I sought out Jim based upon his impressive academic and “real-world” (Harvard/public relations) background. Within two appointments, he had me thinking of a completely different approach to working my contacts and marketing myself. This was no small accomplishment given that I was absolutely convinced I knew how to present myself to the marketplace, even though I’d received nothing more than cursory courtesy interviews for over 9 months. Jim gently, but firmly, got my ego under control and gave me measurable focus. When a traumatic personal challenge arose, Jim immediately and seamlessly shifted our focus. His business acumen morphed in front of my eyes to a kind, compassionate, yet firm, ear, shoulder and guide. His patience and wisdom allowed me to come to terms with issues I’d never acknowledged and to build a new life platform.

- Lawrence Houseworth

I sought Jim’s help at a point in my career when I was feeling unfulfilled at work and uncertain about the path I should take moving forward. Although friends and family were sympathetic to my frustration, I needed the detached perspective of someone who could ask the right questions and help me sort through the issues that were causing me concern. Jim did just that. His thoughtful questioning helped me focus on my skills and interests in a constructive way, leading me to conclude that I wasn’t in the wrong profession but rather in the wrong environment. With Jim’s assistance, I refocused my resume, got much more comfortable with networking, and learned to advertise my strengths and goals in such a way that I regained my confidence and reignited my commitment to my chosen field. The result? I started the new year in a new job! I made a positive change that will help me achieve both short- and long-term goals. Without Jim’s guidance, support and continuous encouragement, I might still be mired in frustration, asking myself each day “Where do I go from here?” With Jim’s help, I finally came up with the answer.

- Donna Hill

Jim helped me immeasurably through my company’s COVID restructuring. I was reorganized into a new role as a result of downsizing and Jim helped me make the best possible choices and frame it in a way that made sense and helped me move forward equipped for success.

- Geoffrey Bund

I received a promotion and pay raise after working with Jim to help me move forward in my career! Jim was a great help when it came to reaching my career goals. Together, we revamped my resumé and cover letter and put new interviewing skills to practice. Jim is very easy to communicate with and is very punctual. He was a great help in moving me forward in my career!

- Morgan Long

I reached out to a number of career coaches in the DC area when I began to contemplate a change but no one I spoke with had the quite the same intelligent, calm demeanor as Jim. From the first day we sat down in his DuPont office to my first day at my new job, Jim supported my growth, both professionally and personally, by providing me with thoughtful direction, insight and feedback. The process helped me better understand myself, my strengths and, most importantly, how I could integrate my experience and passions in a way that ultimately led to the greatest and most pivotal role of my career. With Jim’s help I moved to a different coast, landed my dream job in an emerging industry and, above all else, learned the tools and thought processes necessary to ensure that I am always well positioned for growth. Jim is truly an amazing person and working with him has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have referred a number of friends to Jim over the course of time and, unsurprisingly, everyone views him similarly as I do: a consummate professional who truly cares about his clients.

- Grace Robinson

I came out of an extremely toxic job, so when it was time to look for another position I wasn’t quite sure where to begin or if I was good enough. My confidence was shot low and I needed guidance on what to do next – that’s when I reached out to Jim. While we only met for a short time period, his guidance was extremely helpful and it was comforting to have an ally in this process. In our sessions, I regained my professional confidence and ultimately secured a position that I am extremely excited to begin. If you’re at crossroads or simply need career counseling – Jim’s the guy to have in your corner.

- Loren Redman

I have been fortunate enough to work with Jim on clearly defining my career goals and creating a pragmatic plan towards achieving them.  Jim provided uniquely tailored support, solution based strategies, and a collaborative approach towards improving my leadership skills.  Jim’s insight and experience provided invaluable perspectives on my career challenges and aspirations; leading to well-constructed and actionable steps to achieve my goals.  During my time working with Jim, I experienced growth in both my professional and personal life, leading to a promotion and expansion of my network.  I highly recommend Jim, as he and his services are superb.

- Derrick Cane

Jim Weinstein is beyond a Career Counselor and Life Coach. Jim is an advocate, a motivator, and an amazing resource in your journey to improve your career and ultimately your life. Jim did more for me than I can explain in a brief review. Covid has made changing careers or returning to a former career very difficult, and that is exactly what I was trying to do. Jim got to work immediately, and we implemented his system. When I was in need of guidance, I had Jim. When I was getting frustrated, Jim was able to pick me up and push me forward. Jim never wavered in his support for me or in the system. He was always positive and his support is what allowed me to succeed. In the end, I ended up in the exact position I was looking for. On top of that, I had built a valuable framework of contacts that puts me ahead of the curve as I move into my new job. I cannot overstate how much I recommend working with Jim Weinstein if you are looking to better yourself and your career.

- Quinn Hunsinger

I’ve introduced Jim to many colleagues and friends – from recent college graduates to CEOs. In every instance, he’s offered sage advice, solid direction, compassionate support leading to superb results.

- Alex Orfinger

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