Services Offered

I know what employers are looking for and how to persuade them to hire you.  I can teach you how to uncover opportunities you’ll never find on job sites. If you’re looking to change careers but don’t know to what or how, I can guide you through a fruitful discovery process. Here are some more specifics:

Keeping up with the changes
Today’s job market would look totally foreign to someone 20 years ago. The explosion of the internet and hiring websites has fundamentally changed the process of applying to jobs. Additionally, thousands of new types of jobs have been created as technology booms. If it’s been a few years since you were last looking for a job, you’ll really benefit from spending time with me to learn what’s changed and how to tailor your approach now.

Career Transitions Counseling
Career transitions are daunting, and require hard work, patience, and the ability to frame achievements in one field so they make sense in another. Said another way, transitions require you to be bilingual, translating contributions made in one realm to another in an understandable and meaningful way. That, combined with exactly how to network and what to ask of your connections, are among my areas of expertise that will vastly enhance your prospects of success moving into a new career.

I’m a career coach who knows how essential networking is to finding the best opportunities, and can teach you how to identify and reach out to the exactly the right people to connect you with the best opportunities.

Resume and cover letter review
I will show you how to maximize the impact of these critical documents, showing you what should and shouldn’t be included and how to phrase your accomplishments in the most compelling and persuasive way.

Interview prep
In many cases, coming out on top as a finalist very much depends on nailing your interviews. I will help ensure that you make the best case for why you’re ideally suited for the position, and help you prepare to answer even the trickiest questions.

LinkedIn profile optimization
A good portion of today’s hiring managers will reach out directly to potential candidates on LinkedIn, even if you haven’t expressed interest in the position. Reviewing and optimizing your LinkedIn profile is a great way to get the ball rolling on your perfect job, even if you don’t know where or when you’re starting the hunt.

What to Expect

Think of our work together as an investment in yourself and your future, in the same way that you might hire an investment advisor to help you get maximum value from your personal financial assets. As a career counselor I can provide the same value.

I bring to this process my substantial “real world” experience in the business and non-profit fields, as well as my professional credentials as a therapist and the knowledge I’ve gained through coaching many hundreds of clients in fields as diverse as finance, law, the arts, IT, entrepreneurship, real estate, hospitality, education, health care, not-for-profit, and of course government.

Career choice is often made with sub-optimal research and deliberation. Certainly that’s true of initial career choice. Twenty somethings’ are very much swayed by the opinions of family, peers, and popular culture, and their career choices often reflect (I would say excessively) those influences.

A vitally important step in narrowing down a career path is to make an effort to filter out the “noise” of these outside influences.

I will place special emphasis on keeping you motivated and productive while looking for a new career. I look forward to working closely with you on this often times scary, but ultimately manageable journey.

Career Search Resources


An excellent source of basic information on hundreds of jobs/occupations is O*Net. Developed under the auspices of the Department of Labor it is somewhat bureaucratically displayed and organized, but gives valuable insights into the skills and requirements of hundreds of job titles.


Many valuable books have been written about the process of career development and career transition, but far and away my favorites are “The Start-up of YOU” by Linkedin chairman Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnoc, “Designing Your Life” by Bill Burnett, and “Roadmap” by Roadtrip Nation (a group authorship).

Job Sites

For those actively looking for new employment (rather than those at the contemplation stage), here is a comprehensive listing of the ten best job sites.


You should also definitely check out Career Coach Forum on LinkedIn periodically, as there are frequent posts on all kinds of career related issues, most of them smart and insightful.

The Muse

Finally, there is a relatively new internet site that is worth checking out: The Muse. It’s chock full of little (and not so little) tips about all kinds of career subjects, ranging from reasons why you didn’t get a job offer to tricky interview questions to how to ask for a raise to ways to make your current job more enjoyable. The Daily Muse posts new suggestions and ideas every day.