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A large number of the clients who contact me for help finding a job or figuring out a smart career move inevitably wind up redoing their resume at my urging, even if they are perfectly satisfied with the way they’re presenting themselves. That’s because most resumes tend to focus on functions performed rather than on impact. Using my approach will ensure that you communicate not simply that you did stuff, but that what you did made a difference! And that’s going to impress a potential employer a lot more.

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A good resume is essential even if you’re not actively looking for a job. You never know when an opportunity might arise and it’s best to be prepared. Plus the process of building a strong resume can help you articulate what you bring to the table, which can be useful in annual reviews, salary negotiations, lobbying for promotions, etc.

With my marketing background and advertising career I know a lot about crafting language to optimally present your credentials. Someone reading your resume should walk away with a clear impression of you as someone who can make things happen, not just someone who performs functions. So you’ll want to use words like created, spearheaded, initiated, strengthened, improved, etc. Minimize the use of phrases like “responsible for;”

After all, you can be responsible for something and still do a poor job of executing it.

But it’s not just about words – the look of your resume is important as well. So critiquing the layout and type font is something I do as well.

You do need to start with a “basic” (I.e. non-tailored) document that presents you in the best light. But if you’re applying for jobs you need to make sure that the resume is tightly tailored to the specs of your prospective position. “One size fits all” is a recipe for a sub-par resume in those situations.

Finally, creating a powerful LinkedIn profile is a related, and about as important, project. There should be many similarities between your profile and your resume; sometimes it makes sense for them to be exactly the same.

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