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The Power of Shoe Shifting

No, shoe shifting isn’t about selecting a different pair of footwear for your night on the town. It’s about the immeasurably valuable skill of being able to observe a situation from another’s perspective, detached at least to some degree from one’s own rational and emotional constructs. It’s a skill of particular value in a wide […]

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How to Enhance Your Job Security

I recently finished reading a book by the prominent New York Times columnist Tom Friedman entitled “That Used to Be Us” (co-authored by Michael Mendelbaum) which prescribes solutions to the major issues facing our country, including infrastructure deterioration, environmental / climate degradation, underfunding research and development, and overregulation. A fifth issue that gets quite a […]

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Answers to Four of the Most Frustrating Job Search Issues

1. “I’ve sent out dozens, if not hundreds of resumes and have only received acknowledgment from a handful of organizations to which I’ve applied. Why am I not hearing back from the vast majority? Should I follow up to make sure the resume was received?” If you are applying online (through an organization or job […]

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