When the Political Outlook Seems Bleak

Last night the President gave his State of the Union address, so today I am writing about politics. Living in Washington D.C. I find that many of my clients, (whether they are seeing me as a life consultant, a psychotherapist, or a life coach) are connected with the world of politics. I also find that most of these clients share a greater-than-average passion for the work they do. That’s the good part. The not-so-good part is that this passion can often lead to despair. Despair enters when developments take a turn contrary to their passionately held beliefs. For example, when President Obama was elected by a larger-than-expected majority, my conservative clients were despondent. More recently, the outcome of the Massachusetts election to fill Senator Kennedy’s seat has my liberal clients depressed.

Re-Energize Yourself

The emotional roller coaster my politically passionate clients share is amplified by the increasingly splintered news outlets, which are constantly projecting grave implications from every event, no matter how insignificant. After all, that’s how they get viewers to stay tuned. Please remember that despair, despondency, and depression lead to another emotional “d”: deadening. If the tide appears to be turning against you (in politics or in any other realm of life – particularly in the career arena), try to view it as a signal to re-energize yourself. There are various techniques you can employ to do this, which I’ll blog about this weekend. Remember, the only impact you can have on a situation comes from actions that you take, and when you’re deadened inaction is generally the outcome.