Re-Energizing Yourself

I’ve previously suggested exercising, volunteering, and setting some short-term, achievable goals as important ways to re-energize. Today, I want to write about a few others:

Give yourself a special treat!

If you’re worried about your job/career prospects, chances are you’ve been scrimping. You need to remember that you’re worth treating well. I’m not talking about a trip to Paris staying at the Ritz, but an upscale dinner, a new pair of shoes, a spa treatment or tickets to the Capitals game could give you a lift while at the same time reminding yourself that you’re worthy of being pampered.


Read an uplifting, inspiring book, or attend an inspirational lecture/talk/sermon. I can heartily recommend books or CDs by Wayne Dyer ( ), Marianne Williamson (, Tony Robbins, Steve Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, or a book like: “50 Self-Help Classics” by Tom Butler-Bowden. If you attend a house of worship, you may find your clergyman inspirational. Or search the local “Events” section of your newspaper to learn about who will be speaking where and when, and on what. I myself am scheduled to give a talk to the Forty+Club here in DC next month.

Connect with nature

A walk in the woods, a visit to the zoo, a trip to the beach – even in mid-Winter these activities can be inspirational and re-energizing. Relatedly, unless you have a deeply embedded dislike of children, spending time with kids can be truly valuable as you see the power of optimism and a sense of possibility play out in these young minds.

Immerse yourself in a creative endeavor

Singing is my personal favorite, but drawing, doodling, a crossword or jigsaw puzzle, a game (athletic or video) – anything that will give you a sense of capability or even mastery will help energize you.


This weekend a huge snowstorm hit the Mid-Atlantic, and DC was buried in 2 feet of snow. As the snow tapered off, people emerged into the streets and began throwing snowballs at each other (hundreds of people participated in a giant snowball melee in Dupont Circle). Life needs to have moments of levity and silliness – they keep us young and…..ENERGIZED!