I often recommend that clients (prospective, current, and past) go to my blog index, search through the titles, and read the posts that catch their interest. But having now written over 200 entries to my blog, averaging about 650 words each, I realized that I need to simplify the process. Hence today’s post.

Here are the ten posts that I feel are most valuable for anyone grappling with the possibility of changing career, and unsure about what direction to move in:

These posts deal with the main issues that are likely to be (and certainly should be) encountered in exploring the possibility of a career change:

1) Not knowing where to start

2) Examining your values

3) Not having a passion

4) How to effectively explore options

5) The importance, and the “how to,” of networking

6) The value of career testing (or lack thereof)

7) The place that career holds in your life, relative to other key elements

Just enter the title of the blog post in which you are interested in the Search box.

While some of the material in these posts is repetitive, I believe it’s valuable to read as many as possible because they look at career transition and the surrounding issues from multiple perspectives, and provide dozens of (what I hope are) helpful suggestions.

Happy reading, and my best wishes for a prosperous, healthy, and fulfilling new year!