Increase Your Career Success


You may be fundamentally satisfied with your job, but almost everyone can benefit from a little career “fine tuning,” even if you feel you are on the right track. I offer an annual 90 minute session in which we will examine exactly where you stand in your work life. Here are some of the areas that I will address with you in the annual career check-up:

SATISFACTION – Are you as satisfied with your work as you would like? If not, what steps can you take to improve your fulfillment?

SKILLS – What are your greatest strengths, and are you fully utilizing them? How can you make them work even harder for you? Should you examine acquiring additional skills?

CAREER TRAJECTORY – What steps should you take to increase the likelihood of advancement?

REMEDIAL ACTIONS – Are there weaknesses that you should address? If so, how?

EXPLORING JOB/CAREER OPTIONS – Even if you are satisfied with your current job or career it may make sense to explore some alternative opportunities.

Please contact me to schedule this very important professional review.

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