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Sometimes, Things DON’T Work Out for a Reason

Sometimes, Things DON’T Work Out for a Reason A huge obstacle that many of the clients I counsel need to overcome is their disappointment with not having landed the kinds of jobs they applied for that seemed “just right” for them. A phrase that I often use in these situations that these clients have found […]

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What Should I Do After Exiting The Military?

I’ve always had as clients military personnel transitioning into the private sector, NGOs or into government, but in the last month I’ve worked with three ranging in rank from 1st lieutenant to lieutenant colonel. None of the three really knew exactly what they wanted to do when they left the armed services, and all were […]

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You’ll Only Get Hired If They Like You

Perhaps one of the most underestimated qualities necessary to being hired for virtually ANY job is likeability. No one hires a candidate that they don’t like. What’s more, a reasonably qualified candidate stands a far better chance of being hired than a superbly qualified one, if the difference in likeability is significant. After all, would […]

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