Resume Resources

An impactful and persuasive resume is more important these days than ever, as joblessness mounts and job seekers multiply. Networking is still by far my preferred tool to identify the 75% of job openings that never wind upsetting posted, but no matter which avenue you utilize to identify job opportunities a resume is obviously essential.


I recommend this site because it will provide you with resume help with dozens of templates (at very low cost) that you can use to improve your resume’s layout and visual impact.


This site offers a great service that can greatly improve the customization of your resume so that it includes the necessary key words and phrases to get you through a computer screening. You simply paste your resume and the job description into the designated places and you will be given feedback on ways to improve the tailoring.

What no site that I’ve yet identified can do, however, is craft a path forward for you, a narrative that combines those things you want to do with those things you’re good at. That’s where you could use the help of an experienced career professional. I stand ready to help you with that!

Stay safe.