I have had the pleasure working with Jim for the past 6 years. I say “working with” as this has been an extremely successful collaborative process. I approached Jim as I was struggling with working through a rough patch in my professional career. What I wanted was a tactical fix, which I learned would not stand the test of time. Jim was wise enough to find out who I am and only then did I find out who I am. Knowing who I was is the key to getting through this. Jim was tough when he need to be and less so when I was struggling. Which btw is perfect for my personality. The key to my success is that I needed to learn about myself, where I was (personally, professionally, physically, mentally, spiritually), and where I wanted (maybe needed) to be. Only then would I find the professional niche that will satisfy my needs. I was caught in the professional abyss- thinking my professional achievements would satisfy my personal needs – I had it backwards. Jim was extremely deft in walking me through this process and getting me to “a good place”. As I opened this message, I said I have been working w/ Jim for 6 years. Getting me through my struggles took 2 years, since then we continue to work together as I also learned through his counsel that this is a continuous process and occasionally I will stray. I cannot tell you how many times he contacted me out of the blue and asked me how things are, right when I needed it. I do not know if that is serendipity or professional knowhow but it is truly amazing how he manages me. I know my balance today is a result of his extremely personalized, exact, considerate, insightful, counsel.