I reached out to a number of career coaches in the DC area when I began to contemplate a change but no one I spoke with had the quite the same intelligent, calm demeanor as Jim. From the first day we sat down in his DuPont office to my first day at my new job, Jim supported my growth, both professionally and personally, by providing me with thoughtful direction, insight and feedback. The process helped me better understand myself, my strengths and, most importantly, how I could integrate my experience and passions in a way that ultimately led to the greatest and most pivotal role of my career. With Jim’s help I moved to a different coast, landed my dream job in an emerging industry and, above all else, learned the tools and thought processes necessary to ensure that I am always well positioned for growth. Jim is truly an amazing person and working with him has proven to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have referred a number of friends to Jim over the course of time and, unsurprisingly, everyone views him similarly as I do: a consummate professional who truly cares about his clients.