I sought Jim’s help at a point in my career when I was feeling unfulfilled at work and uncertain about the path I should take moving forward. Although friends and family were sympathetic to my frustration, I needed the detached perspective of someone who could ask the right questions and help me sort through the issues that were causing me concern. Jim did just that. His thoughtful questioning helped me focus on my skills and interests in a constructive way, leading me to conclude that I wasn’t in the wrong profession but rather in the wrong environment. With Jim’s assistance, I refocused my resume, got much more comfortable with networking, and learned to advertise my strengths and goals in such a way that I regained my confidence and reignited my commitment to my chosen field. The result? I started the new year in a new job! I made a positive change that will help me achieve both short- and long-term goals. Without Jim’s guidance, support and continuous encouragement, I might still be mired in frustration, asking myself each day “Where do I go from here?” With Jim’s help, I finally came up with the answer.