Do You Love What You Do?

A book with the funky title “Feck Perfuction” by James Vicotre inspired this post. The book is about overcoming fear of failure, about pushing back against the pressures exerted by society, peers, and parents to chase success primarily defined by material achievement. It urges readers to look within and identify what brings you joy. So, what energizes you?

Helping others

Contributing to increasing my clients’ satisfaction with their lives, and reducing their doubts and fears.

Ego gratification

I get tons of positive feedback on a daily basis: “That’s really helpful, Jim;” “I never looked at it that way before;” “Your guidance made a big difference;” “What you said last week really stuck with me;” etc.

Variety/Creativity/Intellectual Challenge

Because I work with such a wide range of clients (varied ages, career paths, sophistication, education, background, aspirations, problems, etc.) virtually every one of them has a  unique set of issues, constraints, obstacles, and opportunities, not to mention different personalities. Figuring out the best way to guide each of them is an endlessly fascinating challenge. One size most certainly does not fit all.

Financial security

My career counseling provides me with a very nice income that frees me from monetary concerns.


I can schedule sessions at times that are convenient for me. There isn’t anything resembling a 9 – 5 Monday through Friday routine that is the norm for most people (that is to say the pre-COVID norm).

Career Transition Counseling

If you don’t love what you do, you’re not alone. Many – perhaps most – people don’t. And, truth to tell, I don’t love everything involved in doing what I do: But by and large I’ve found a line of work that provides me lots of components that bring me joy. Taking personal inventory is a key step to discovering the road to a career you’ll love. And if you need help, I’m here for you.