Making Smart Decisions

I recently was interviewed for an excellent podcast series – “Insights Through the Rear View Mirror.”

Don’t be locked into a rigid framework for decision-making. Instead, stick to a few key principles that help guide your thought process as you reflect on tough choices. Some simple examples include: Where are you? ; What are you happy with? ; What are you unhappy with? Aside from taking inventory and thinking through the decision yourself, it also helps to talk to other people who know you well for third-party input. Finally, try “dipping your toe into the water”. Tentatively try out a new path for a visceral reaction to see how you resonate with it.

  • Give your decisions room to breathe. Whatever the principles you decide to abide by, making good decisions comes down to patience and diligence . Never settle for a snap answer or set arbitrary deadlines for making decisions ( i.e. decide in the next 30 days) if there is no real reason for a deadline. Take your time and weigh out every factor going into your big decision. You’re only going to make the decision once.
  • The biggest barrier to effective decision-making is anxiety. Many are pressured, unjustifiably, into making big decisions faster than they need to. Even more commonly, a lot of people are afraid that their life will fall apart if they make a wrong decision. A calm, measured approach to making decisions is a great recipe for success. In any case, bad decisions and failures can be great teachers if you allow them to be. They can uncover aspects of yourself that you didn’t even know were there. Embrace failure. Failure isn’t the end of the world.

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