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Your career is a vital and central part of your life. But still just a part. It needs to work in the context of other parts of your life: your relationships, your priorities, your material circumstances, and, most importantly, your inner “self.” As a therapist, marriage counselor, ex-businessman, and career coach I am perhaps uniquely able to help move you in a direction that meets all of the above needs, not simply one that “makes sense” given your previous experience or in response to whatever testing results you may have obtained.


My work is individually tailored to the issue(s) you are facing. The one aspect of my work common to all my clients is that it is solution-focused (I like to get results: over 99% of my clients have received guidance well exceeding in value their investment in our work together, ranging from improved networking skills and strategies, to guidance on navigating internal organizational politics, to exploring alternative career paths and succeeding in new career directions*).

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My 3-Stage Process:

Stage One



Self awareness. What are your strengths, your skills, your likes and dislikes, your values, your life goals? The answers to these questions will enable us to identify the most promising paths to explore. In this stage I will also identify and help you overcome any major obstacles to progress such as low self-confidence, discouragement, or procrastination.

Stage Two



I will educate you on the pluses and minuses of various careers and craft a very specific program to enable you to gain the knowledge of these paths that is essential to making the best career choice.

Stage Three



Marketing. Once having identified the most promising career choices, as a marketing expert I will work with you to ensure that your approach and job hunting materials are first rate.

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