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Particular challenges face people looking to transition from their current career field to several major fields prevalent in greater Washington D.C.

“Asking Jim Weinstein to help me navigate my career path was the best decision I could make in my life. Jim was instrumental in helping me envision a complete change in careers – something I wish I had done years ago, but now have the courage and clarity to pursue.”

-Alex L.



Because of the highly bureaucratic nature of the government it is difficult to point to specific contributions you’ve made – progress in government is notoriously slow, and most initiatives are the result of many participants, making it hard to single out your own accomplishments. Nonetheless, choosing the right way to describe and define your role and impact correctly can make a huge difference when attempting to transition out of your government role. I can help you frame your experience for a successful career transition.


Military / Defense

In my experience, resumes (and related profiles like on LinkedIn or even an “elevator pitch”) in these fields focus too heavily on positions held, promotions, and assigned responsibilities, which communicate clearly to folks in the military and the militarily-oriented defense industries, but don’t say nearly enough to “outsiders.” I can teach you how to turn a static profile into a dynamic sales pitch that highlights the value your military experience can bring to a private sector business, non-profit, or another government entity.



A large percentage of my clientele consists of lawyers who, after undergoing the grind of law school, passing the Bar, and joining a firm (or serving in a legal capacity in government or at a non-profit), discover that they really don’t like what they do – the work is often repetitive, formulaic, and high stress. I have a great track record of directing lawyers to new career directions and helping them land fulfilling positions. Are you ready to make the jump, and find another career suited to your legal expertise that you enjoy?



A different type of bureaucracy, professional profiles of academics seeking to enter “the world outside” tend to be oriented to papers published and distinctions granted. It’s difficult to translate the skills of an academician in such a way that it becomes clear what contributions you can make to a different career. Networking via colleagues who have connections to those careers, as many academics do, is of particular importance here. Let me help you leverage your network and expertise to make a smooth career transition from academia.


Consulting / Lobbying

It can be challenging for people in these fields, which are centered on advising or persuading, to specify what they bring to the table on a new career path. In my experience, however, many consultants and lobbyists have valuable skill sets that are applicable to a wide variety of potential work situations. It’s simply a matter of learning how to translate them appropriately. As a career transition counselor, I’m an expert at framing an individual’s skills and accomplishments to match new career opportunities.

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