Getting Started

Sometimes it can be difficult to reach out for help.  Please know that your decision to do so is a meaningful signal of your determination to surmount the obstacles in front of you.  Also, please know that I will bring to bear all of my experience, wisdom, and energy to assist you. 

Our initial session will be focused on four crucial elements:

  1. Outlining as clearly as possible the issues you are facing
  2. Defining concrete goals that will embody the solution to these issues
  3. Reviewing relevant history (not just employment, but family history and personal values as well)
  4. Developing a strong personal rapport between us so that you feel both heard and understood                    

Jim made a big, immediate difference in my life and I really appreciated his focus on long-term sustainable solutions.

There is no doubt that that individually tailored programs are essential to achieving success. Some clients are unsure of where they want to head, others may know but are unsure of how to get there. Many are looking for an objective evaluation of their circumstances and specific guidance as well as accountability. I will create a program suited to your needs and your personal style.  You may choose to pay me on a per-session basis, or commit to a series of sessions that will result in a lower per-appointment cost.

Please note that I am not affiliated with any managed care network, as I feel that my work with my clients should not be subject to the review or approval of a company whose primary motivation is to make a profit.  If you have a PPO insurance plan I will be happy to prepare any documentation necessary for reimbursement.

I contacted Jim after spending a year fruitlessly interviewing for jobs I was eminently qualified for. Six months later I find myself in a very lucrative and fulfilling job.

I am able to see clients both during the day and in the evenings on weekdays, and if required, on weekends.  I have also had excellent results with phone sessions, if you are out of town or otherwise unable to meet face-to-face.

The two most important contributors to success in working together are your motivation and the degree of comfort with, and trust of, me.  The "chemistry" needs to be right.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have that will help you decide if I am the right person to work with you in meeting the challenges you face.