Professional Networking

There is no more important career-related skill to master than networking. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics concludes that 85 percent of jobs are filled by networking!!  What’s more, according to CNBC, 70% of jobs are never published publicly. These jobs are either posted internally or are created specifically for candidates that recruiters meet through networking.

But networking isn’t just about landing a new job. If you’re contemplating a switch in careers it’s an essential part of exploring fields that you might be interested in, giving you invaluable information on the “lay of the land” – how competitive you might be as a candidate, and what you could do to burnish your credentials.  And on the organizations that are best to work for, and which ones might be looking to hire.

And longer-term,  networking can lead to establishing relationships that can help you progress in whatever direction you might ultimately choose. Connections built through networking can even lead to one day being hired by the person you initially networked with.

It’s a fact, though, that many people are uncomfortable with the whole idea of networking. They might feel that there’s something sleazy or even unethical about it, or they might have a strong resistance to “asking for a favor” from someone who could facilitate the networking connection, or they might have no idea about how to go about it.


Jim Weinstein MBA, MFT, Professional Networking Consultant


That’s where my guidance can be particularly valuable. Not only will I show you networking best practices, but I will help you gain confidence in the whole process and help you overcome preconceived notions that stand in the way from utilizing this incredibly valuable process.


Jim Weinstein, Life Coaching Life Consultant, Professional Networking Consultant